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Say 'Goodbye' To The Old Blog

Holy Dog, I have a new blog!... and its AMAZING!

Now lets make this crystal clear, I didn't "re-do" my blog or "re-vamp" the blog, I trashed my old blog to the dumpster bin of the World Wide Web. Yes, you heard me right. I took my old blog and threw it into the trash.

Why did I do that you may ask, because my old blog STUNK! (Picture for reference.) I had been thinking for months on how I hated my blog and when I felt like the time was 'right' I would pay someone to re-do it. [and say goodbye to a million dollars in my bank account]. I am proud to say that I made myself a new blog all by myself, in one day! That's a feat you guys! It's moments like these that I thank the good Lord that I work in the Tech industry.

Heres a snippet of what she used to look like! Goodbye old awkward blog!
Heres a snippet of what she used to look like! Goodbye old awkward blog!

It was dark and dingy with nothing aesthetically pleasing to it. It threw me off on all levels.

Because of this misfortune, I never wanted to write a blog, so I didn't.... That made me feel like a super fantastic blogger by the way. I hope you read that in all sarcasm.


And now here we are! With a new shiny blog!

Guys, I am in LOVE!

Please take a look around!

What do you think about my new blog? I know there's always room for improvement. Let me know in the comments below.

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Sep 06, 2019

I love the format of your new blog! :) This one is bright and cheery! :)

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