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Brazilian Rice and Beans "Feijoada" - Made by a half Brazilian in America

Updated: Mar 14

This is one of my FAVORITE recipes of all time EVER! This was the meal that my mom used to cook for me all the time and the first thing I ever learned how to cook.

This is my half American/Brazilian perspective on it, made in America. It isn't the same as the way it is made in Brazil (which I love as well), but how I have tweaked it to my liking.

First I rinse the black beans to make sure they are clean for cooking.

Next I move the beans to a mixing bowl. I will link my extra large copper mixing bowl from William Sonoma here.

Next: I prepare the sausage cutting in 1 inch pieces and boiling it to take some of the fat away. In the original recipe I don't believe there is this much sausage but I like it to be meat based. I pick Hillshire Farm beef smoked sausage over pork sausage because that is my preference but either can be done. The authentic Brazilian recipe uses a lot more variety of meats but I like it plain-jane.

Then, mix the sausage and the beans, let it soak overnight. Yes, the whole night maybe a little bit more if you have the time. This will turn those dry beans soft. I like to use my largest bowl (Copper XL Mixing Bowl linked here) because I like to add a lot of water at once. Over time the beans will soak up the water and you want to make sure they have enough to last through the night without having to refill.

The next day drain the beans and sausage and move it to a big pot, add water to completely cover it and bring it to a boil.

Next: I add a few (3-4) Chef's Cupboard Beef Bouillon Cubes for taste and an addition to the flavor.

There are 2 ways to cook it!

1. Stovetop:

Let boil for a few minutes and lower the heat to low, let it cook for a couple of hours (4-5 hours), mixing it a few times. Check how soft the beans are and increase the heat, mix often to now burn in the bottom of the pan. Check if it needs salt and pepper and add it to taste. Make sure the juice has thickened and it is not watering. And it is ready to eat!


2. Instapot or Pressure Cooker:

This one is simple and easy! Put the mix in your Instapot or Pressure cooker. Leave some space for the pressure to build. (I've made the mistake of not doing this. No one died but it was scary.) Let it cook for about 30 minutes. Let the pressure out once time is up. Then eat up!!


And addition to this recipes that most Brazilians like to add a collard green mix and Farofa (a REALLY good dry mix that goes with the meal) check back soon for these recipes!


Bean Mix:

  • 1 bag of dry black beans

  • 3 Beef Sausage Links

  • Beef Bouillon Cubes

  • 1/2 cup Minced Garlic

  • Bay Leaves

  • 2 tbsp. Olive Oil


  • 2 cups Jasmine rice

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Heidi Slowinski
Heidi Slowinski
01 de abr. de 2020

This sounds really good!

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