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Bar Cart Details

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Personally, I think my Bar Cart decor is to die for and all the #goals! I went for a gold, modern, contemporary look! The Bar Cart itself is gold and most of the key items on it are a rose-gold/copper color.

It is an amazing match and is VERY aesthetically pleasing!

All of these things are PERFECT for a gift, wedding or bridal shower registry! These items are great, classy gifts for anyone.

Shop the look: This bar cart and everything on it

Shop the look: Top shelf details l   Monogram Gold 'S' Old-Fashioned Scotch Glass l   Monogrammed Wedding Wine Box l   Hammered Copper Cocktail Shaker & Bar Tools Set l   Swoon Wine Decanter l   Hatch Cut Glass Whiskey & Scotch Decanter l   Bar Cart

Shop the look: Middle shelf details l   Copper Red Wine Glass l  Copper Beer Glass l   Bar Cart l Copper White Wine Glass l Copper Stemless Wine Glass l Copper Champagne Flute l Copper Martini Glass

Shop the look: Baskets l  Family Name Sign l   Bar Cart

Shop the look: This bar cart and everything on it

All of these items are a must have on a wedding and bridal shower registry to start out your new home well. These Copper and Rose Gold items are perfect and chic wedding gifts for the new married couple.

What do you think about my #barcart? Does it look similar to yours? Are these on your #weddingregistry Let me know in the comments below.

I have linked all of these items for you but I found most of them at Target, William Sonoma and Crate & Barrel.

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