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5 Tips and Tricks to Stay Busy at Home During Social Distancing

Getting stir crazy? Feeling that cabin fever? As a fellow homebody I have a lot of experience stay at home and keeping myself busy in all the fun ways! Try these tips and tricks to help keep your mind and body busy as we get through this season indoors together.

1. Play a Board Game!

Bring it back to the good old days before technology, but with modern adult board games! I did this the other day and it was SO much fun! It was more entertaining and engaging than scrolling through my Facebook one more time.

Adult board games for 2 people:

Adult board games for a group:

2. Clean your House

To some people this might sound like torture! But I promise if you throw on your favorite playlist and get the Clorox wipes out you'll be having a good (and satisfying) time so quickly! Plus it can be a really good workout while you get

3. Start a Home Garden

Over this last week I started an indoor garden and built one in the back yard! An indoor garden is a great place to start especially since the weather hasn't warmed up where it needs to be yet.

Here are some indoor garden starters you can use to begin your indoor garden hobby:

4. Redecorate/Rearrange Your Home

This has been one of the most exciting things I have done since being stuck inside. Giving your room a new look can make the manontany of being inside all day a little less. It gives you a fresh view of your room and changes it up a little!

5. Start a Journal

Starting a journal right now could be the best medicine to overcome the mental stress you might be going through. Its a nice place to get away from all of the news and Corona Facebook posts and really get your feelings and stress out. This is a great place to review how your day went or express how you are feeling about situations right now.


I hope this list can help during your quarantine time! I have tried all of these things and it has helped ease my mind and make time go a little quicker while inside. Let me know if you try and of these and if they work for you!

Thanks for reading,


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