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2021 Christmas Card

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Our annual Christmas Holiday Card is here!

Our 2021 year in a recap:

  • Connor is half way through school for his Masters in Aerospace Engineering graduating December 2022 while working full time as an Aerospace Engineer.

  • Pam loves her job and continues to work in the Information Technology (IT) space at Koch as an IT Project Manager.

  • Connor really enjoys and continues to work at Collins Aerospace as an Aerospace Engineer and recently got promoted!

  • Rosie turned 4 this year and Nala turned 1!

  • In Pam's free time she continues runs her blog, Sideofglam!

  • Nala just graduated from Level 1 basic dog training and only enjoyed it partially.

  • Rosie is still a gentle goddess and has gathered the nerve to lay on the couch thanks to her poor influence of a sister.

  • We went on a FABULOUS best friends trip with the besties in Aspen, Colorado this year! We skied (some better than others hahaha!), we enjoyed each other, toured Aspen and went to the best dinner ever at the Monarch in the heart of Aspen!

  • This year Connor and Pam got to travel to Turks and Caico's again to commemorate their anniversary.

  • Pam's parents are still living their best life in the trendy Uptown Dallas. Connor and Pam get to visit a lot!

  • This year Pam joined the Rotary CAHHT club to help the reduction, education and survival of human trafficking victims.

  • This year Connor joined a philanthropy organization, the Bacchus club.

  • Pam and Connor enjoyed spending time with friends and hanging out at Woodside this year.

  • Pam continued her work in Junior League of Greater Kansas City and is the Co-Chair for the Holiday Mart Marketing Committee.

  • Rosie and Nala spent a lot of their year at Bar-K this year with their memberships!

  • We got to visit Beaver Creek this year for their annual Octoberfest again!

  • Pam helped facilitate the huge week long Holiday Mart fundraiser event this year through Junior League.

  • We did our doggie photoshoot with Elly May Moments! (Some pictures from that are on this card)!

  • Pam had a surprise party thrown by her mom in Dallas this year for her birthday!

  • Halloween was big this year with a lot of parties and a Murder Mystery Dinner!

  • Pam and Connor hosted a baby shower for their very close friends!

  • Connor and Pam joined the Amigoni Wine Club this year and attended their first Wine Club Party!

  • Connor and Pam really enjoyed the time they got to spend with friends and family's this year!

Our photographer for this shoot was Angie House! Angela is the BEST dog photographer in the world and in Kansas City! You can find Angie at Elly May Moments at her website, on Instagram or Facebook all linked here.








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