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Christmas Holiday Card Photos 2020

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Our annual Christmas Holiday Card is here and it is unlike any other card we've ever had! For two reasons, this card is unique!

1) We have a NEW PUPPY in the family! Our ChiPom (DNA video here) pup Nala (4.5 months old during this photo) was such a great sport! We adopted Nala on 8/17/2020 from Hands of Hope in Wichita, KS this year and it was such a blessing. Rosie (our big girl) was in NEED of a friend to play with all day! Hello potty training!

2) During this crazy life we are living in during 2020, we thought it was so fitting for us to have our Christmas card photoshoot in our home! We have been spending the last 9 months and counting (since March 2020) at home in quarantine during the global pandemic and it is what felt the most realistic and genuine place for our photos this year.

Outfit Details (even the pups!):

  • Both Connor's outfits from this shoot can be found at this link for a great men's wear set.

  • My outfit was purchased at my best friend Ellie's store in Town Center, Array of Shops!

  • Rosie and Nala's outfits are here!

Recap of our 2020 year: (Christmas Pictures below this)

  • Connor got accepted to a Master's program for Aerospace Engineering!

  • We got to (socially distant) spend quality time and grow with friendships we love!

  • With plenty of time at home, we got to get fully moved in and unpacked after moving last December 2019.

  • We attended the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Parade. (February before we knew about the rona.)

  • I chopped my hair off and took out my hair extensions! (My hair was long before the extensions.)

  • Of course we saw Post Malone again this year (can't beat the 2 times last year).

  • Rosie turned 3 this year! (Also in February before we knew about the rona. It was actually the same night as the Super Bowl Parade)

  • Connor and I had our 1 year of marriage anniversary!

  • During quarantine Connor built a garden and I cleaned out every closet we own.

  • My parents moved to Dallas (Connor and I got to visit twice)!

  • We got used to wearing a mask. Having one in every pocket, car and purse...eventually.

  • We adopted Nala! - Drove 8 hours in one day to pick this baby up in Great Bend, KS!

  • I got to partner with one of my favorite brands on the regular, Inspired Boutique!

  • Connor threw me a surprise birthday party!

  • We learned a lot about the BLM movement and continued to act and educate ourselves.

  • We got to spend a night in the President's Room at the Elms Hotel for a little getaway!

  • I got to partner with Amazon as an exclusive Livestream creator.

  • My mom and I got to meet Lidia Bastianich.

  • We hosted (and cooked) our first Thanksgiving for our small close family bubble! A Corona Thanksgiving was different this year!

  • We lived through a crazy election period - we voted.

  • We survived quarantine and a global pandemic!

  • We launched a Tech Accessory company, Ahdeau, with our new quarantine free time!

Here are all of our favorite pictures from our annual Christmas shoot - at home edition!

Our photographer for this shoot was Sara Clance! We use Sara regularly for family photos! You can find Sara Clance Photography at her website, on Instagram or Facebook all linked here.







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For business inquiries, contact:

FTC DISCLAIMER: This blog post is not sponsored, some links may be affiliate links, all opinions are my own!

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