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2022 Christmas Card

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Our annual Blog Christmas Card is here!

We were blessed with another fantastic year and we are really grateful for 2022!

What's New:

  • First thing's first, we are expecting a BABY!! We are so excited to welcome our little boy to the family!

  • Connor Graduates on December 17th with his Master's in Aerospace Engineering!

  • Connor has a new job this year at Honeywell!

  • Both Connor and Pam had fabulous 30th birthday celebrations this year!

Travel: We got the privilege of traveling a lot the first half of 2022! We got to go to:

  • Palm Springs, California

  • Dallas, Texas x 3

  • Oklahoma

  • Beaver Creek, Colorado

  • St. Petersburg, Florida

  • Staycation at Excelsior Springs, MO

We had such an exciting year and we are so happy with 2022! We can't wait to see all of the adventure and joy that 2023 brings with a new addition to the family!


Connor and Pam Schmidt

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