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Recipe for the Perfect Summer Mojito

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Wow this is refreshing!

Its a warm spring day here in Kansas City and this calls for a refreshing drink! Since we are social distancing in quarantine day drinking is acceptable right?! I've practiced and put together the recipe and materials you need to make the perfect mojito! I picked this mint right from my garden!

[Click to view] Here are all of the materials you will need to make this summertime mojito!

I hope this brings some refreshment into your day!



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3 comentarios

23 abr 2020

I could definitely use a nice refreshing drink during this time. Thanks for sharing I’ll definitely be trying this recipe.

Me gusta

Kristine Goffney-Christopherson
Kristine Goffney-Christopherson
21 abr 2020

I am a big mojito fan but I have never made one myself! Now that I am home full time, I am excited to try this one! Thanks!

Me gusta

20 abr 2020

This sounds SO good! I'm going to have to try and make this - perfect for the time of year.

Me gusta
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