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Quarantine & Fire Pit

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

During this time of social distancing we feel incredibly blessed that we have a back yard to escape to and we are using it to our full advantage. At our house we set up a fire pit and it has been SUCH a great thing to keep us entertained and away from screens. We have grown to love the meditative process of building a fire, sitting beside the fire on a starry night chatting with each other and most importantly S'MORES! (Scroll down for the materials you need for a perfect fire pit s'more!)

This beautiful copper fire pit can be delivered safely to your home and ready to use!

It was extremely easy to set up too!

Scroll down to view all the materials you need.

Click here to find everything you need for this beautiful copper fire pit set and materials:

And some stuff you can find around your yard.

This pit cover has been such a life saver for rainy days and I highly recommend having one!

Make The Perfect S'mores!

I hope these ingredients and materials for goodness during our stay at home order brings you some joy during these uncertain times!



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