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My NBR Hair Extensions

Lets talk about hair! Hair is easily one of the most important passive things in our day-to-day lives.

Photo by NKG Imagery

Check out Nichole's page: Ask your NBR and hair questions here.

To start, I can easily say that getting extensions was the best thing I ever did for my body and soul.

No matter where we go, our hair is always there.

Throughout this blog post I will be referring to my bomb stylist and nicest person you will ever meet, Nichole. I want you guys to be able to easily access her and ask her questions about hair in general but also about NBR Hair Extensions if you are the slightest bit curious. I am going to link her page here for you. Send her a message with any questions you have! - and if you are in the KC area, GO SEE HER (except when I need an appointment). She just opened up her new place and I am SO excited to see it!

What is NBR?

To put it simply, NBR hair #extensions are the most current and damage resistant way of doing hair extension in 2019. These extensions can be custom colored to your actual hair (Nichole matched mine up to the EXACT color of my hair with a balayage). The extensions are placed in rows using a beaded technique.

How Does It Feel?

The first time I did it I could feel it for the first day but then I quickly moved on to other thoughts. Now every time I get it moved up it just feels like things are back in place where they need to be after a couple months of growth, and really I look forward to that every time.

How often do you have to get it 'moved up'?

It is a lot about preference and how quickly your hair grows. I get mine moved up every 6 to 8 weeks every time.


So pretty much I am overly OBSESSED with my hair now that Nichole has done it. Did I also mention that Nichole is the balayage queen? Oh I didn't?!

How do you think I get that sun-kissed look though?

Ya, I owe that all to Nichole! I like to look as though I've dipped myself in the golden pool of Hercules and turned into a goddess, and Nichole makes that a reality for me.


Reach out to Nichole about styling and extensions here:

Instagram: @nic.styling

Facebook: Nichole Styling

Call: (913) 709-4040

Photography by NKG Imagery:

Instagram: @nkgimagery

Website Linked Here

Click here for details on the outfit pictured above.

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