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I Chopped My Hair Off!!

This is something I never thought I would say! I officially chopped my hair off to collarbone length! Counting the extensions, we got rid of 11 inches! It went all the way down to my elbow! And I LOVE my new haircut SO much!!

If you would have asked me a year ago to cut my hair I would have run away fast! It was a thought that gave me nightmares and seriously terrified me just at the thought of scissors! I have to say, I still loved my extensions sooooo much but wanted to switch it up after a year of having the same style. I am over the moon happy with my decision to do the chop chop!

I have officially taken out the extensions and I'm going all natural with this new due! It was something DEFINITELY out of my comfort zone and I almost backed out about one hundred times, but it was SO worth it!!!! I am so incredibly happy with the new hair and I can't stop obsessing over it!

I wouldn't have gone through with it without the encouragement of my stylist Nichole! She told me how it would perfectly shape my face! With her help we got the color and health of my hair exactly where it needed to be! We did a cut, low light and highlight color, gloss, toner and a mask to ensure that I am ready to roll with the most healthy good looking hair! My hair feels amazing!! As always, I put my full faith in the hands of Nicki and it never disappoints!

Nicki can tell you I had a FULL ON PANIC ATTACK as soon as I walked into her salon space!(We have it on video, not sure if I want the world to see it yet!) Nicki helped talk me off the ledge and we got to business! As soon as we made the first cut I was totally at peace. THANK YOU SO MUCH Nichole for taking such good care of my hair!!!

Reach out to Nichole to book an appointment here:

Call or Text: (913) 709-4040

You can find both of these outfits at Modern Society Apparel at the Crossroads Location.

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