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We SOLD Our House Today!

OMG we sold our house today!

You guys know we already moved but today we were able to sell our old home! It was very bittersweet but mostly sweet because we are so extremely excited about our next chapter in life at the new abode!

I feel like selling your home for the first time is a huge mile marker and what it means to be an adult.

The reason I say it was bittersweet was because I have a hard time giving things up! Although mentally I had 5000% moved into my new home, it was weird to see my first home go.

During the process of buying my first home back 2017 I had taken this as an independent woman feminist movement! Funny as that sounds, to me it was. At that time my parents were traveling abroad most of the year and Connor lived in North Carolina. I was by myself in Kansas City. I felt like it was time for me to take my stand! From the process of working with the realtor, to the purchase of the home, to moving in, I had help from individuals along the way but throughout the process it was mostly me, myself and I. I was so incredibly scared that I was taking this huge (financially, mental and physical) step alone but I 100% knew I needed to do it and I didn’t know why.

It felt like I was in a whirlwind of things but let’s just say this feminist movement is the reason I have Rosie in my life right now! If I still lived in that young adult cool apartment (which was beautiful and amazing to live in but I 100% was not willing to pay the pet fee) I would not have had to drive to get Rosie.

The adoption of Rosie a whole other story and I can get into the blog post, oh you’ll definitely want to hear that sweet tale!

There were so many people that told me to not buy the house and not go forward with it until just "wait util Connor comes back"! At that time we had no idea when Connor was coming back. It could’ve been a year it could’ve been three years it could’ve been me moving to North Carolina. Only after I have visited North Carolina two times I had decided it wasn’t for me and Kansas City is the place to be! Also the best city on earth if I do say so myself!

But on the other hand I did have some people who were supporting my decision! After being well into the process, one of my best friends told me how proud of me she was for not “waiting on a man to continue living my life.” Kelly, I don’t know if you remember saying that. but I will never forget that and it means so much to me that you recognized that drive in me.

When I went to say goodbye to the house, and yes I said goodbye to every single room in that house, I thought about all the good times I had but I also thought about how in each room my new house had something 500 times better about it for that same room. (or more rooms but who’s counting!) That was the bittersweet part.

Overall I can say it was a great starter home and I absolutely loved it to pieces! I was process of buying and selling a home at the same time was definitely a learning experience I will never forget it and the new home is probably the greatest opener to the next chapter of Connor and I lives.

Thank you to Brett Budke for guiding us, supporting us, answering our million questions, being our friend, spoiling us, dealing with us days before and AFTER having your first BABY BOY! (Thank you Jess for letting us take his time, we are officially done taking over his life now so you guys can hang again.)

If you are in need of an off-the-charts realtor (who has also been on HGTV 3 times, I mean wow) I'll leave Brett's contact info here for you:

Cell Phone: 913-980-2965

This picture is from July 2017 when I bought my first home and here we are, SOLD again!

Rosie and I sitting in the cold car watching the squirels while the buyer viewed hour home!

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