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The Biker Short Trend

Ok, so let’s talk about the biker short trend!


In the last week and a half I have seen it completely blow up and it’s only starting now! I personally am so pumped for this trend because it’s basically the summer version of leggings! I’m generally seeing them in black but I love the white and pink biker shorts that I’ve seen in stores. So I did myself a favor and went on the good ol' inter-web and found myself a pair of pink, black and white biker shorts! Anything pink send it my way! And I figure since the trend is new I can be one of the first with the pink shorts!

The best thing about this trend is that It’s comfortable. It’s generally paired with a baggy T-shirt (rocker tee if your spicy) or a baggy sweatshirt!

I love when trendy-cute and comfortable styles come out! So I am all in!

You can see the picture of me with adorable soft pink biker shorts! I can literally live in this outfit every single day!

Now with the white biker shorts we have to make sure that they’re not see-through and I found the perfect pair right her!

You could wear this trend to go out to coffee with your friends, obviously to go work out or to go to the mall! Really it’s a great comfortable outfit but it’s also very trending right now so you will look on-point, clean and fresh if you’re seeing out and about in this style!

Click on these photos to find your perfect biker shorts to look perfect for it this summer trend!

Shop These Looks:

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