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The Best of Sephora Beauty Spring Sale 2020

This is the best time of the year! The Sephora Spring Sale of 2020 is here!

ROUGE: 20% off | 4/17-5/1

VIB: 15% off | 4/21-4/29

INSIDER: 10% off | 4/23-4/27


Here are my ride or die products. I have used and fallen in LOVE with each of these products. I only want to share things with you guys that I know work for me.

My skin type is combination, I get oily in the t-zone and I get extremely dry lips.

My main skin concerns are wrinkle prevention and acne spot treatment.

Click to view products:

Let me know if these favorites work for you too. I personally LOVE each and every one of these products and I have talked about them all before.



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