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Moving: Two Men and a Truck Kansas City Review

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

*This post is not sponsored nor affiliated with Two Men and a Truck in any way. This is just my experience and my option.

Guys, moving is STRESSFUL! Prior to this last move I had never used a moving company because I had heard such horror stories on prices and wholes in walls! Eek!

During this move I let my husband, Condog, take over and he was not about to move everything himself! He did extensive research on what felt like all of the moving companies in Kansas City and decided on Two Men and a Truck of Kansas City based on best price.

Let me tell you guys...... our experience was..... AMAZING! I kid you not, these guys (there were more than two LOL) were SO polite, SO careful with our things and they hustled! When you rent a moving service, time is of the essence!

Their manager showed up first thing to make sure everyone was on their game and the guys got going right away! They all politely introduced themselves and were so kind the entire time!

SO, when we got to our new location, I went early to get Rosie out of the house. Moving for a pet can be stressful and I know that the movement of furniture (for some reason) really goes against Rosie's peace of mind. I'm telling you guys, I can't even rearrange furniture on a normal day without throwing off her mood.

Because of this, I got Rosie out of the house before they showed up. We took a long walk and then after a while I parked myself on a bench down the street and watched with Rosie from afar. The moving guys had no idea I was there "watching" them ( I really was just tired and wanted to go back in the house to take a nap.

I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw!

These guys were hustling to and from the house. Connor would be nowhere in sight (not needing to micro-manage them) and I would see them run from the house to the truck to grab the next thing. This made me really happy because if they really wanted to they could just walk and add another hour to our bill. I appreciate them for their integrity with that.

They did an amazing job and made our first chapter of our new life a great experience.

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