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Home Improvement: Sewer Pipe Replacement

Prior to moving in we had decided to replace the sewer in our basement and one spot that needed repair from root damage in the yard. This upgrade was not necessarily needed immediately, but over time it could prevent a whole lot of..... stink!

Our home (like other homes in our beautiful quaint neighborhood) was built in 1940. That makes the house 79 years cute and the pipes at least 50 years worn.

We made the repair as a preventive measure in this case. We want to finish the basement and make it a fun livable space (blog will definitely happen on this home renovation process) and replacing the pipes was the first step. We did not want to risk putting new floors down and then the old pipes then decide to break on us and flood our renovated basement (ew!).

We just finished the 2 and a half day process yesterday and I took plenty of photos to show you guys the process. We used Underground Plumbing Pros of Kansas City for this upgrade and they were absolutely fantastic! They worked hard, were very polite, made sure things were done right and in a timely manner.

This was a fun and interesting home owners experience. Have you replaced pipes before? Let me know in the comments.

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