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Summer Beauty Favorites

I can’t believe it’s finally summer! I swear these days have been flying by but, I’m so excited to get into my summer beauty routine. Spoiler: it involves a lot of light foundation, sunscreen, and plenty of glow and moisture. 

My skin type is combination, I have an oily t-zone and dry lips on a daily basis. I like to choose products that are anti-aging/wrinkle prevention + acne spot treatment and any clean beauty brand is a go-to! What are some of your favorite brands and products for summer?


Farmacy: I’m a sucker for Farmacy’s cleansing balm. It feels ah-mazing when I use to take my makeup off and they have several products that make your skin moisturized, dewy, and glowy. Plus, they have the prettiest packaging and branding!

Biossance: A clean beauty brand, this one doesn’t run a high price tag and they have some amazing skin care products that target specific skin types and concerns. They also offer value kits, so if it’s your first time trying - you can use a few products to see what you like! 

Drunk Elephant: This is a high-end, luxury skincare brand. I don’t own too much Drunk Elephant because the price tag can run high but some of their products are absolutely amazing. I haven’t had a chance to try all of them out but their Virgin Marula Oil and Umbra Tint Sunscreen are perfect for summer. The oil makes your skin glow like crazy and the sunscreen is basically a sheer, tinted moisturizer that protects your skin! 

Mario Badescu: A few of my ride-or-die products are Mario Badescu. I included them in my Best of Sephora Spring Sale blog post. Their facial spray and hyaluronic eye cream are my absolute favorites and I use them every day! I love their price tag, too.


  1. Rinse: I get started by washing my face in the morning. I typically just use a splash of water but occasionally I will grab a facial cleanser, something light, if my skin feels greasy or dirty. 

  2. Serum: I like to use a pump or two of serum, specifically this one, for extra moisture. These products are crazy hydrating and help even my skin-tone and prevent wrinkles. 

  3. Moisturizer + Tanning Drops: Since I don’t let my face tan, I like to add some tanning drops to my moisturizer for that extra color and glow. This moisturizer is light, fluffy, and perfect for summer since it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling afterwards! I just use 1-2 drops of tan and wash my hands thoroughly after applying. I will also add this under-eye créme for some brightening! 

  4. Facial Spray: I like to lock everything in with this facial spray. Sometimes I’ll use this oil instead (a favorite) for additional hydration and is amazing for your skin. 

  5. Sunscreen: Lastly, sunscreen! It is so important every day but especially in the summer. This sunscreen works as a primer for makeup, which I love, but this one has a tint to it so you can swap out your foundation for it if you want something really light!





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