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Spring Home Refresh 2020

I love a good, simple refresh for spring and summer. I feel like decluttering, livening up, and adding some color to your house can make a huge difference in your mood. I have a tendency to stick to a few basic rules when refreshing my house which I'll be sharing as well as my favorite decor + house pieces!

  1. Fresh Plants: Whether it's a bouquet of flowers or some greenery, fresh plants can make all the difference. I personally love having a bouquet in my kitchen or dinning area and then some faux/real plants in the living room!

  2. Keep it Simple: You're not going for a full remodel of your decor. Keeping it simple with some fresh art, bedding, and other decorations can make all the difference.

  3. Light Palette: For spring and summer, I stick to a lot of bright whites, blues, pinks, and a few other pops of color here and there. Don't go overboard with the color and stick to a aesthetic palette that works with your decor style! I typically buy large, base pieces (think sofas, ottomans, dressers) in a neutral shade and then add my color with pillows, rugs, small decor (candles, books, etc.), and artwork.

  4. Clear Clutter: Ah, who doesn't love a spring declutter? If you don't have a lot of storage, bins and buckets work perfectly to keep you place cute and clean!



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