• SideofGlam

Shake It Like a Polaroid

All of the cleaning and unpacking (from our move back in December) has me so nostalgic for my old and new Polaroids cameras. These things are SO cool! I was able to dig up my old white Polaroid Original OneStep 2 VF camera and my more current Mini 9 Instant Camera in the color Rose Quartz Pink.

These cameras are so fun to use, we bring them on every vacation, that we love to scrapbook later. Is a different way to keep a memory and we love it.

Its also a great gift! I gave a blue Mini 9 to each of my bridesmaid's on my wedding day! Needless to say they loved them!

Shop this whole leather outfit and camera here.

[Click to view] Here are some of my favorite retro and modern Polaroids:

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I hope this blog gave you joy in your day today. We will get through this weird time in life. Just remember, quarantine is not forever!