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Natural Wood Bead Garland - Coffee Table Decoration

I finally found the perfect wood beaded garland for my coffee table and living room decor!

Adding a garland to your coffee table vignette, dining room centerpiece, fire place mantel, bookshelf or side table is perfect any area that needs an additional touch of detail. I love this particular garland because of the neutral color tones of the natural wood and the tassels that are a stiff jute twine.

This garland gives our house a chic, french country, rustic farmhouse look to our otherwise modern chic decor. It is nice to add a warmer piece to balance out the metals and colder materials. I have these beads coming out of a wood bowl that enhance the warm homey feeling.

Garlands can also be used as wall decoration over a headboard in your bedroom or to fill any open wall space. This garland would be a great housewarming gift or an accent to a bridal or baby shower gift!

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1 Comment

Connor Schmidt
Connor Schmidt
Mar 15, 2020

Great new addition to the living room!

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