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I Launched a Tech Company!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

OHMYGOSH!!! When you are seeing this, I just announced that I launched my own Tech Accessory company called, Ahdeau!

I am SO excited to finally make this announcement!!! It has been something in the works for a while and it has finally come to fruition! I took my love for trends/fashion and technology and combined it into my own, carefully curated, technology accessory company!

For the launch we are starting with one collection of Rose Gold and Gold Phone Stands that are adorable! They are the perfect stocking suffer and I had to get them out to you before the holiday season! On our Instagram we are showing a lot of cute product graphics!

We have a website!!! We are at and I can't believe it's official!

Even cooler though...

We are on AMAZON!! You can find our Gold and Rose Gold Phone Stands there too! This was a huge win for us that took a lot of effort, patience and learning!

Phone Stands are just the start! We already have our second collection of new products within the next week (fingers crossed)! I'll leave those as a surprise for now!

I started this project because I had too much unproductive quarantine free time! During my after work and weekend quarantine time, I had binged all of the movies, shows and games imaginable! This company wasn't intended to be a company from the start, but mostly a fun project. I wanted something phenomenal to come out of 2020 and HERE IT IS!

I am SO excited to see what Ahdeau has to come in its future! Let me know what kind of products you would like to see!




Connect with Ahdeau:




Here are a few of our first products!

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