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Fall Egg Chair Style - How To Patio Décor

Updated: Mar 14

Fall 2020 is here and I couldn't be more relieved/happy! I've taken the summer Egg Chair we got in March and styled it for Fall! I want to use this chair all year long! The fall style is the cozies look! Rosie and Nala are loving it also. See how I styled the Egg Chair for fall and everything or similar items to what I used.

For a moving visual of this fall egg chair décor inspiration, check out this video.

What do you guys think of this fall style?



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Oct 19, 2020

Yes! I need that egg chair in my life!


Gabi Zec
Gabi Zec
Sep 29, 2020

This looks so cozy and charming, love the colours of the flowers.

So instagrammable.

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