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Coffee Table Decoration Inspiration - Espresso Neutrals

This is ALL the aesthetic feels!! I am SO ready for spring and my updated gold glass coffee table and marble rug give me all the fresh & bright vibes!

I am so obsessed with my new coffee table and marble rug! I topped it with a rose gold clear glass tray and a natural wood beard garland with tassels! The wood bead garland with the rope tassels bring in the whole look for a warmer more homey style amongst all of the metal pieces.

I paired it with two fabulous vases! The first vase is a gold and white Flynn vase. It has a contemporary style and it’s 100% ceramic. It has a beautiful elegant elongated honeycomb pattern.

The second slightly shorter vase is a white ceramic bottleneck vase! I love the grooves along the sides and I love how it’s comes up to a slight closure bottleneck!

I finished off the look with a rose gold medal decorative sphere!

This is the most perfect coffee table setting for a fresh spring look! I love it in my living room for a chic modern style! Bright neutrals are perfect to bring an open and bright feel to a room.

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1 Comment

Cristina Carper
Mar 17, 2020

Cool picture. I really like the hug. Beautiful living room.

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