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2020 Spring Fashion Trends

Updated: May 8, 2020

It's finally spring and I am loving seeing the sun shining and warm weather finally here. Spring is one of my favorite seasons - seeing the flowers bloom after a long winter is a stunning sight. With all of us staying inside and shopping for some new outfits (it can't just be me!), I thought I would share some fashion trends that have been making their way online. I'm loving each and everyone of them!


vintage denim

Plus, bootcut and straight fit! I am all in for this trend. Vintage and ripped denim seems so fitting for right now and this season.

fresh kicks

I think this is a Spring trend/staple. You really cannot go one week without some fresh white kicks! This is the shoe that everyone needs in their closet for transitioning seasons (winter to spring and summer to fall). Plus, comfort is queen right now! Slipping on some white kicks will not only keep your outfit sleek and easy, but you'll be oh so comfy.

tie dye

There's no doubt your favorite brands and influencers have been pulling off this trend. I've seen it everywhere and you can even tie dye your own favorite pieces! If you don't want to get down and messy, there are so many brands that have fun and unique tie dye tops.

puffed sleeves

I've seen so many gorgeous and simple pieces featuring puffed sleeves. You might be envisioning a shirt with sleeves the size of your head but this isn't what we're aiming for. Something subtle to accentuate your top is the goal!

casual wear

This one is an obvious trend. With so many staying at home and staying inside - brands are turning loungewear into something easy, everyday, and cute! You definitely don't need to give up style for comfort. Taking advantage of the above trends and turning them into lounge pieces is how you can stay looking cute for that FaceTime happy hour!

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